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Feeling Good is Good

Okay, so I haven’t been writing in this as often as I had hoped. When I was looking at the training program at the start of this, I figured that at this point the training would be long and difficult every evening. Now that we are two months away from Ironman Texas, I am a tad surprised that the week day workouts are not as intense as I had feared. Now the weekend workouts are another matter; until last weekend, we had century bike rides scheduled. The thought of those a few months ago brought chills to my, ummm, let’s say butt.

So now that we have done a few of those long rides under our belt (pun not intended) I can say that it took a few to get comfort built up. Now that we have done a few 100 mile rides, the idea of doing 112 is not so bad … or at least so far fetched. I can say with confidence that I can do that leg of the Ironman and finish it … and walk afterwards. Now how well I will be able to do the marathon just after that bike ride is another question. I have done a total of two marathons up to this point: the A1A Marathon February 2010 and the Goofy Challenge this past January. But the longest brick that we have done on the program has been a 100 mile bike followed by a 13 mile run … and we only have to do that exact mileage once more. So it should be interesting when I get to mile marker 15 of the run. Based on how Larry did at the Great Floridian last year and how another friend of ours (David Hoy) feels leading up to his race (Ironman South Africa) on April 10, I feel pretty good.